Professional Film Crew of Western Australia presents the Award for Outstanding Service to the Industry

Each year at the Annual General Meeting held in December the outgoing committee will select a recipient for the Annual Award for Outstanding Service to the Industry.
This Award is a mark of respect and acknowledgement from PFCWA to a member of the film and television community who through their work has made an outstanding contribution to the industry.

Nominations for the Award

Financial members of PFCWA can make a nomination.
Nominations for the Annual Award can be submitted to committee throughout the year and a chosen recipient would be decided on by a vote at the final committee meeting prior to the AGM.
A nomination for the Award must be accompanied with an endorsement from the nominator, and a short bio of the nominee outlining their service to the Industry.

The Recipient – Criteria

The Annual Award Criteria for selection of the nominees would follow the guidelines below:

  • The recipient is a Western Australian who has made a contribution to the film and television industry in WA and is held in esteem by their crew peers.
  • An individual who through their work ethic, diligence and service to the industry has inspired others.
  • An individual who through their work has made a difference to the lives of others they have worked with.
  • An Individual who has contributed to the increased standards of the film andtelevision industry for the benefit of all.
  • This individual could include a WA film and TV crew pioneer, crew individual, a producer, an actor, a director, a screenwriter etc.

Award recipients:

2019 John Fairhead
2018 Tim Winton
2017 Mike Montague
2016 Perry Sandow
2015 Susi Rigg
2014 Vikki Barr
2013 Dixie Betts

To make your nomination email the committee on