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Screenwests Film Friendly Initiative.

On Thursday the 21st of March Screenwest launched their ‘Film Friendly’ initiative to industry and regions representatives. Film Friendly was created by Vikki Barr and continued on by Gabrielle Cole, the three part information hub is for filmmakers, regions and communities. At the launch we heard from Willie Rowe and Minister David Templeman, along with producers of recent regional film shoots Kate Separovich (Dirt Music) and Tenille Kennedy (H is for Happiness) about how the regional film fund and film friendly regions aided to helping these productions come to fruition. Information for Film Friendly can be found on the Screenwest website. 

Screenwest this year are starting to put many things into action now the water has settled after the split from government and restructuring. Securing another 4 years and more money in the Regional Film Fund is one of their priorities as it has been such a drawcard for WA and created an unprecedented amount of work in WA over the last year and a bit. Screenwest has secured funding from Lotterywest and will continue to garner more support/investment/funding from not only the government but hopefully private investment too. They are hoping to hear positively about the application for charitable status in the next few weeks as well, this will hopefully entice more private investment. 

Screenwest is also looking to develop a new Scripted TV Tract Funding opportunity – more information about this will come out later. Screenwest is also going back to sharing all funding information for transparency and information, projects that will remain anonymous will be dealt with on a case by case basis depending on the sensitivity of the project. They are also in the process of developing a calendar that will be on the Screenwest website and will be a central point for all events from all guilds and associations in the WA Film Industry, now all events will be easily seen and hopefully decrease the number of double ups as well. There will hopefully be some more information about infrastructure in the WA film industry, this is something that Willie and other members of government and the industry have been looking into. 

For more information check out their website…


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