As we navigate through these uncertain times, together apart, the PFCWA committee is enormously aware of the din of information and advice coming at people from all directions and across all platforms.  It can be very overwhelming. I wish we were able to deliver reassurance in the form of answers and clear lines of attack, but alas. We acknowledge the hard times our members are facing. 

In this edition of The Wrap we celebrate our local crew and have tried to focus on our people rather than the seemingly insurmountable problem that will be the next few months for some of us.  Please keep yourselves informed through the sites that are dedicated to getting us through this time. People are being enormously generous with their wisdom and experiences. We are a tough, hardworking, resilient mob and tightly coiled ready to jump back into our boots and belts hanging by the front door.

Please call if you would like to chat or scream with/at someone.

Emma x

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