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Presidents Report

Hi Folks,

I hope many of you have enjoyed a busy start to 2019. This year may see a continuation of the healthy level of drama production activity established last year should all the upcoming projects slated roll.

This year is also the 10th year since foundation members launched PFCWA! From humble beginnings with ambitious vision and dedicated efforts by many, the association has grown to become the second largest screen industry organization in WA. A good reason to celebrate?! Contact us with your suggestions for a social event to observe this anniversary.

Your 2019 committee have held two meetings thus far. Office bearers were elected at the first meeting in January:

John Fairhead       -President
Vikki Barr               -Vice President
Lien See Leong      -Treasurer
Kit Sparrow            -Secretary
Monique Wajon     -Marketing
Lauren Widdicombe
Kate Anderson
Jess Tran

Whilst it is important to have continuity of some experienced members sitting on the committee, it is wonderful to welcome first timers Vikki, Jess and Kit to the new committee. Vikki of course with her invaluable industry knowledge both as a freelancer and long term Screenwest employee brings much acumen to the committee. It was great to hear Kit nominate both himself and Jess at the AGM! – They felt like giving back to the industry that has provided them with the opportunity to forge a career in.

Secession is also important, in order to make way for others to bring their ideas, energy and style to the committee. As PFCWA President, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to promote our objectives and advocate on behalf of members over the last 4 1⁄2 years. However, this year will be my last as President of our association. Six years is the maximum allowable under the rules of association that a member can sit on the committee. This is my fifth year, so whilst I will nominate for another year on committee, I will not nominate for President (if elected to committee that is!) I look forward to working with and supporting who-ever becomes our associations 2020 President! Could that be you?!

Lien-See as always continues to do a wonderful job as treasurer. She has ensured that membership renewals are as easy as possible for us to make. Whilst most members are paid up, there is a list that will have their membership placed on hold if their dues are not received. Please contact Lien-See if you’re having trouble making payment.

Remember, the bigger we are as a community, the louder our voice is. So let us grow our freelance community even bigger. If you know of a fellow crew member who is not part of the PFCWA family, encourage them to apply.

Chris Veerhuis, Vikki Barr and I have continued to be active in promoting the establishment of screen infrastructure, a core element of the PFCWA vision. As the Screen Infrastructure Working Group we presented to Screenwest last year a report which assessed a variety of potential screen infrastructure opportunities. Early this year added another potentially exciting opportunity that presented, which was investigated and assessed on behalf of Screenwest.

Although there has been increased discussions on the topic of screen infrastructure, the wheels of progress continue to move at glacial speed. Yet there will be continued efforts advocating for the establishment of suitable screen infrastructure that we all recognize as fundamental in securing a consistent sustainable level of drama production activity into the future.

Whilst I and your committee will continue to do our utmost to promote and represent your interests, we’d really appreciate your input. Call or email any of your committee with information, thoughts, views on issues that have been raised or that you would like raised.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and safe 2019.

John Fairhead President

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